Herman Cappelen

Herman Cappelen is the author of many monographs and papers in all areas of systematic philosophy, co-editor of three, and editor-in-chief of Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal Of Philosophy. His most recent monograph, The Concept Of Democracy: An Essay On Conceptual Amelioration and Abandonment, is forthcoming in 2023 with OUP.

Max Deutsch

Max Deutsch works on metaphilosophy, the philosophies of language and mind, and epistemology. His book The Myth Of The Intuitive (MIT Press), was published in 2015, and he has published many papers spanning his research interests.

Jennifer Nado

Jennifer Nado works on various issues in metaphilosophy, with a focus on the epistemological status of intuition.  She is also interested in experimental philosophy, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of psychology, in particular moral psychology and folk psychology. She has published widely in all these areas.

Rachel Sterken

Rachel Sterken works primarily on generics, and issues related to them in language, epistemology and metaphysics. She co-editor (with Justin Koo) of the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Social and Political Philosophy Of Language, and executive assistant (managing) editor of Inquiry. She is also interested in the consequences for philosophy of language of online communication, and is co-director of two research-council-funded projects on the topic, along with Eliot Michaelson and Jessica Pepp.

Amit Chaturvedi

Amit Chadurvedi works on problems related to perceptual concepts, content, and consciousness. He is especially interested in the contributions of Indian philosophical traditions to contemporary debates concerning non-conceptual perception and reflexive self-awareness, and has published on these topics.