Centre Publications

Cappelen’s The Concept Of Democracy: An Essay On Amelioration and Abandonment, is forthcoming with OUP.

Cappelen and Dever’s “AI with Alien Content and Alien Metasemantics”, is forthcoming in L. Anderson and E. Lepore (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Applied Philosophy of Language

Cappelen and McKeever’s “In Defense of Ordinary Language Philosophy”, was published in Metaphilosophy.

Sterken, David Plunkett, and Timothy Sundell’s “Generics and Metalinguistic Negotiation”, was published in Synthese.

Sterken, J. Pepp, E. Michaelson and McKeever’s “Manipulative Machines” was published in in F. Jongepier and M. Klenk (eds.) The Philosophy of Online Manipulation, Routledge, 2022.

Sterken, Pepp, and Michaelson’s “Relevance-Based Knowledge Resistance in Public Conversations” is forthcoming in J. Strömbäck, Å Wikforss, K. Glüer, T. Lindholm, and H. Oscarsson (eds.) Knowledge Resistance in High-Choice Information Environments, Routledge, 2022.

Sterken, Pepp, and Michaelson’s “On Retweeting” in L. Anderson and E. Lepore (eds.) is forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook of Applied Philosophy of Language, Oxford University Press, forthcoming

Sterken, Pepp, and Michaelson’s “Fake News, Fiction and Belief” in A. James, F. Lavocat, and A. Kubo (eds.), Handbook of Fiction and Belief, Routledge, forthcoming.

Some 2021 Publications

Sterken, along with Justin Khoo, edited The Routledge Handbook of Social and Political Philosophy of Language (Routledge).

Cappelen, along with Josh Dever, published “On the Uselessness of the Distinction Between Ideal and Non-Ideal Theory (At Least in the Philosophy of Language)” in Khoo & Sterken. Their “Acting Without Me: Corporate Agency and the First Person Perspective” was published in The Routledge Handbook of Linguistic Reference, eds Biggs and Geirrson.

Sterken, along with Matthew McKeever, published “Social and Political Aspects of Generic Language and Speech” in Khoo & Sterken. With David Liebesman, she published Generics and the Metaphysics of Kinds” in Philosophy Compass.

Deutsch published “Conceptual analysis without concepts” in Synthese, “Still the same dilemma for conceptual engineers: reply to Koch” in Philosophical Studies, and “Fake Gnus! (Or: There is No Experimental Evidence for the Lazy Person’s Approach to Philosophy)” in Inquiry.

Nado published “Philosophizing out of bounds” in Philosophical Studies, and “Conceptual engineering via experimental philosophy” in Inquiry.